Extensive data evaluations require a clear and intuitive to use data storage as well as customized analysis routines. Only the examination of the existing data gives the engineer an insight into the object of his investigation. Our software provides extensive import options, and general (statistical) and sewage-specific analysis routines.

The end result is always a report. With hydrograv data evaluation and report generation go hand in hand. The individual chapters are formed upon request directly from the data analysis. If necessary, the report can be reprocessed with the standard word processing programs afterwards.

hydrograv – a brief overview

  • digitisation of the laborious process of the data processing engineers
  • effortless import of diverse data formats
  • predefined reports at the touch of a button
  • integrated report generation
  • from data import to a report within one morning
  • uniform, clear data retention in a data base
  • outlier handling without deleting

hydrograv greatly relieves you of tedious routine tasks so you can focus on the challenging tasks as a water management expert.

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