hydrograv proload.sms

The sludge management system hydrograv proload.sms supports treatment plant operators during the optimal operation of the biological stage. The current performance of the secondary clarification is determined by continuous numerical flow simulation under the given boundary conditions (Q_ZU, TS_BB, ISV). Forecasts for special load cases, such as increased mixed water inflow, decommissioning of secondary settling tanks or temporary aerobic stabilisation can also be created.

Wastewater treatment plants with variable maximum mixed water inflow are enabled by hydrograv proload.sms to constantly ingest the maximum acceptable quantity of mixed water from the perspective of the secondary settling tank.

At the same time the system monitors the existing sludge age and calculates the minimum dry matter content for reliable nitrification. proload.sms supports the operation of the plant within the optimal range between the required and maximum permissible dry matter content.

hydrograv proload.sms – a brief overview

  • predictive wastewater treatment plant control by fully automated CFD-Simulations during the operational phase
  • works fully automated and maintenance-free
  • premature warning of critical operating conditions
  • supports the operation in snowmelt-problems
  • ensures a safe and carefree operation
  • setting of the optimum dry matter content in the activation
  • determination of the maximum possible mixed water inflow
  • load reserves use of sludge management
  • support of sewer network control and bypass operation

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