About hydrograv GmbH

hydrograv GmbH is an interdisciplinary spin-off company from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, formerly the University of Karlsruhe), Institute for Hydromechanics (IfH, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Jirka, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rodi) and the Technical University of Dresden , Institute for residential and industrial water management (ISI, Prof. Dr. Peter Krebs). These institutions, international leaders in their disciplines, are root and at the same time commitment for our work on the optimisation of wastewater treatment plants. The two institutions have the intensive work on the development of simulation tools in common. hydrograv combines interdisciplinary advanced know-how in the field of flow optimisation with leading knowledge of modern technologies in the water management in a unique form.

Company history


Award of the Saxonian Environmental Award in category 1 „Environmentally friendly technologies and production processes“ for hydrograv GmbH.


Market maturity of the software Modell-Publisher a bill of materials generator developed by hydrograv.


Market maturity of the software an operating data analysis of wastewater treatment plants developed by hydrograv.


Wastewater treatment plant Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Equipping of the 8 secondary clarifiers with hydrograv adapt inlet structures.


Comprehensive assistance of the municipal drainage operation Dresden in optimising the wastewater treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz by the:

  • Equipment of 6 secondary settling tanks with hydrograv adapt inlet structures,
  • Examination of the nitrification tanks through CFD-Simulations, for this purpose development of CFD-Aided-Simulation of oxygen utilization (SSOTR, kLa),
  • Examination of the newly planned circulation basins with CFD-Simulations.


The number of employees of hydrograv increases above 20. An interdisciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers and hydrologists.
Market maturity (beta version) of the software proload.sms a sludge management system for wastewater treatment plants – the Online CFD-Simulation in wastewater treatment plants developed by hydrograv.

From 2012

Start of a separate department for software development – recruitment of the first IT specialist for application development trained at hydrograv.

October 2009

Move from the first Dresdner location – a modern office complex to new offices in an inspiring, monumental building from the Gründerzeit (founding epoch) at Eisenstuckstraße 46 in Dresden.

Since 2009

Dr. Martin Armbruster, Managing Director of hydrograv GmbH, is appointed as an expert in hydraulics in water management in the DWA technical committee „sedimentation“.


The first trainee position of hydrograv GmbH is filled (specialist for application development).


Market maturity (beta version) of the house-made software for the simulation of secondary settling tanks.


Construction of the prototype of the height-variable inlet structure hydrograv adapt on the wastewater treatment plant Cologne-Weiden. A success from day one: clear water in the outlet of the secondary clarifier, significantly lower sludge level – and high reliability of the technology.


  • Start of the development of hydrograv adapt.
    A height-variable inlet structure to improve the effluent values and thus increasing the efficiency of secondary settling tanks.
  • Market entry with 2D and 3D flow simulations for water management based on the long-term, industry-leading expertise of both universities of Karlsruhe and Dresden.

November 2004

Foundation of hydrograv GmbH in Dresden, with the business units

  • Measurement and simulation of wastewater treatment plants,
  • Development and construction of hydrograv adapt – the inlet structure for secondary settling tanks.

The founding members of the company: Dr. Martin Armbruster (Managing Director), Prof. Dr. Peter Krebs (Director and Chair of the Institute for residential and industrial water management at the TU Dresden) and Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Pahl.


Start-up of the engineering company hydrograv in Karlsruhe.