Simulation of Water Supply Systems

What are the benefits of hydrograv simulations:

With hydrograv simulations maximum drinking water quality can be achieved by systematic hydraulic optimization. With deterministic analyses of the water age and the application of virtual tracers, dead zones or short-circuit flow can be identified and avoided.

Efficient structures, optimized by hydrograv simulations, can thus also reduce construction and maintenance costs.


Verification and optimization of water reservoirs

  • Improving the hydraulic retention time and the water age
  • Investigation of differend temperatures and stratification effects
  • Consideration of different operational scenarios with variing in- and outflow conditions
  • Optimization of mixing processes

Figure: Identification of stagnation zones by determination of the water age.

Figure: The residence time behavior can be evaluated applying virtual tracers and their statistical analysis. Thus target-oriented optimization measures can be developed.

Figure: Process understanding can be improved with the help of streamlines. Furthermore, different planes in the tank allow, for example, the visualisation of temperature stratifications or other parameters.