Simulation of Primary Clarifiers

What are the benefits of hydrograv simulations?

The primary clarifier is used for the separation of solids and floating substances. Hydraulically optimized inlet and outlet designs maximize the separation efficiency and at the same time the thickening of the primary sludge.

Minimization of sludge bed erosion by optimized inlet design

The figure below shows the inlet area of a tank where flow velocities along the sludge blanket are illustrated. The unstable sludge bed layering and the high velocities that counteract the thickening of primary sludge can be clearly seen before optimization.

After optimization a significantly more stable sludge bed layering with minimal erosion occurs which among other things leads to a more uniform withdrawing of the return sludge.

Increased planning reliability

Already during the first planning phases different variants can be compared and evaluated in view of their performance.

The analyses include, among other things, the determination of separation rates or the determination of hydraulic losses.