hydrograv supports you in finding the right solutions in the planning and development of flowed through buildings or components.

Saving time and money at the development stage

If one determines the flow properties in computer simulations one can forego the creation of many physical models. Only when the hydrograv simulations are close to the optimal solution, the first prototype is created. Geometry changes are realised much easier, cheaper and faster in simulations than in the development workshop.

Picture: Problems with secondary settling tank solved: simultaneous look into the secondary settling tanks a large sewage treatment plant in the area of drainpipes – left sink with the old inlet structure and right one a converted tank with hydrograv adapt.

Verify special solutions of the designing engineer

Special solutions of the design engineer are often not or only proved hydraulically with great effort. Good ideas fail because of the testing effort. The effect of new details of the effluent of secondary settling tanks for example, are difficult to test in operation, but are now predictable with a sufficiently high accuracy using simulations.

Developing operating strategies with innovative optimisation methods

A new operating strategy is sought for a flowed-through system. hydrograv very quickly identifies the more efficient versions with suitable methods. Afterwards hydrograv simulations are adjusted to actual conditions to achieve maximum accuracy. Finally, the most promising modes of operation are simulated and the detectable optimum is found. Weeks of tests are omitted in existing plants.